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Temperature is just one factor in total home comfort, especially with our Canadian Cold Dry Winters

The TrueEase Evaporatvie Humidifier is the perfect fit for your home. It eliminates maintenance hassles with easy-access pads and will save energy by elimination the constant cycling of air. Once installed, this humidifier will deliver comfort throughout your entire home using your central heating and cooling systems.

Automatic Monitoring- Automatically monitor home dryness, then only running water and air through the system when humidity is needed-saving up to 10,000(model & system dependent) gallons of water per year.

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  • The versatile design of TrueEASE humidifiers allows for installation in every home
  • Intuitive system only runs water and air when humidity is called for
  • Helps reduce heating bills
  • User-friendly pad access makes maintenance and upkeep easier than ever
  • Five-year warranty
  • Professional Installation

RESULT, nowyour entire system is efficient and effective, not just your furnace. You have an automatic and safe way to prevent cold air from entering your home. Your basement stays warm, and your get the added comfort and savings on your heating.  


The use of Hoyme Air Dampers is used for the control of fresh air for furnace combustion. All furnaces, even Hi Efficiency have a combustion air duct which is an uncontrolled fresh air intake duct.  It is like an open window, it draws in cold air to your home all winter long. This makes your heating system inefficient. The cold air pours into your duct continuously creating a cold basement. Shutting this system down is unsafe as your furnace needs this air only when it is firing on.

Installing the Hoyme Air Damper sytem which is both gas code approved and CSA certified will effectively control your cold air intake. The damper is placed at the terminating end of an insulated fresh air inlet duct beside the furnace. When your thermostat asks for heat this motorized damper opens up to allow fresh air for combustion. When the furnace stops, the damper closes to prevent the entry of cold air.

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You have an efficient, automatic and safe way to prevent cold air from coming in your home needlessly. Your basement stays warm, and you burn less fuel and save money!

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While everyone appreciates the warmth provided by their furnace, most of us are not as keen on the drying effects in has on our health. Air purification and humidification plays a key role in our effort to obtain the optimum room climate for the protection of your health. A good humidifier helps you maintain your most important air purifier, your own Body. When dry air dries out your eyes, nose and mucus membranes your are more susceptible to pollution in the air including viruses and bacteria.

 If you have trouble breathing or have compromised immune system and think a humidifier may help SEEL Carpet and Furnace can help you choose a humidifier that meets your needs for Quality and Price! 

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 The benefits of owing a humidifier to ensure proper humidity level include:

  • Save on energy costs, when you have a home humidifier controlling the relative humidity in your home, you will feel warmer at lower thermostat temperature settings. This is because water evaporates more slowly from the skin in humid air, which gives you a feeling of warmth, in drier air the water evaporates more rapidly which cools and dries the skin. Even if you lowered the thermostat a few degrees over time you will save a great deal of money!
  • Proper humidity in your home will increase the indoor air quality of your home and combat the negative effects of dry air and dehydration while enabling the body's immune system to better defend itself against harmful germs. Dry air in Calgary is a major concern for nose bleeds, respiratory infections, colds and flu.
  • A humidifier helps to protect your investment of your home, it will reduce static electricity, and protect your home's hardwood floors and furniture from the environmental affects from drying it out.


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