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Do you suffer from Allergies, Purchased a New Home, Completed a Home Renovation Project or require an annual Furnace Maintenance Cleaning.

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1. Are you having trouble breathing or waking up every morning with irritated eyes, nose and throat?

2.Does your basement or furnace area always seem cold and looking to improve the heat while saving on energy cost?

Vacuum Flow Cleaning is an essential home service that plays a vital role in securing a clean and healthy indoor environment, as well as assure top performance of the central vacuum system.


Where would you be without hot water? Hot water is something we rely on daily without even ever thinking about it. SEEL Cleaners will clean your hot water tank burner so that is running at optimal performance levels.


Similar to your homes furnace, it is recommended to have your fireplace annually inspected and cleaned. Preventative maintenance for wood burning fireplace is the key to eliminate the threat of a chimney fire. A dirty chimney may also not draw well, this causes smoke to drift or billow into the room when a fire is lit in turn leading to carbon monoxide poisons.

Gas fireplace like any appliance regular service and maintenance is important to ensure long life and good performance.


Most of us use our dryers regularly without thinking of the possible risks associated with a plugged dryer vent. When your dryer duct becomes restricted with lint buildup the air flow also becomes restricted causing the dryer to run hotter and longer with possibility of over heating. Highly flammable lint builds up around the electrical components and heating element which in turn increase the risks of potentially causing an internal fire. A regular cleaning will increase the efficiency of the dryer and decrease the fire hazard risk. The dryer will last longer and your clothes will dry quicker.


Air duct sanitizing is extremely recommended and is effective in reducing the harmful potential associated with microbial contamination. Our 100% natural product kills 99.99% of germs, mold, mildew, mice droppings and odors associated with smoke and animals. Sanitizing the HVAC system helps to ensure disease causing microbes are eliminated from the system. Not only does the chemical used in sanitizing kill the containment it severely inhibits further widespread. Disinfecting and deodorizing services are highly effective in eliminating foul smells and damp odors from the duct work improving indoor air quality.


Air duct cleaning itself involves a very careful process that removes dirt and debris from the duct system that winds through a home.

Utilizing the latest technology with our powerful truck mounted cleaning units, when you select SEEL Furnace and Duct Cleaning you can rest assured that your are receiving superior and thorough duct cleaning. Our truck mounted furnace and duct cleaning system is PTO (power take off) driven. This allows the equipment to generate and achieve a vacuum suction three times more than any portable or portable box truck unit.

SEEL is here to give you those super clean air vents that will purify the air quality in your home. We ensure that the micro pollutants in the ducts are removed so that you can BREATH pure fresh air into your lungs.


The best preventative measure to improve your indoor air environment and health is to have a regular cleaning of your furnace and air ducts/vents. Regular cleaned air ducts systems also improves air flow throughout the home also helping to increase the life of your furnace by operating more energy efficiently, which in turn also greatly helps to cut down on fuel costs up to 15%.

Experts recommend you clean your furnace every 18-24 months to ensure that your home is free from molds, mildew and other pollutants. Additionally, regular cleaning of dryer vents, fireplaces and central vacuum system will help to eliminate dangerous fire hazards and contribute to cleaner indoor air quality.

Improve your indoor air quality

Cleaning your furnace and air ducts is vital for proper household upkeep and for ensuring the best air quality for you and your family. Indoor air pollution is a major health issue in almost every home. A dirty air duct system traps and builds up harmful dirt particles such as mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, virus's, dust mites, pollen and allergic animal dander. According to Health Canada, 8% of adults and 12% of children are asthmatic and suffer symptoms such as wheezing, breathlessness and chest tightness. All of these contaminants are easily spread out in your home each time your furnace and air conditioning unit turns on.

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