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Even though your area rug may look clean, normal settling of dirt is abrasive and will shorten the life of your rug. It is recommended that you have your area rug professionally cleaned every year.  Protecting your area rug starts with proper care in you home. If you want your rugs to last a long time there are procedures that you should keep in mind.

  1. Rotate your rug periodically as this will limit wear, traffic marks and sun fading in the same area.
  2. Vacuum on a regular basis, every 3-9 months your area rug should be turned over and vacuumed underneath using a beater bar attachment to loosen the dirt and grit in the carpet and remove it from the carpet pile.
  3. Use a quality underlayment, pad or cushion to allow for cleaning, prevent slippage and wear.
  4. Attend to spills immediately, especially on wool, cotton and silk fibers. Due to the nature of natural fibers they absorb and hold stains much more than man made materials.
  5. Consider a stain protectant to limit the damage caused by spills and soiling.

SEEL Cleaners in Calgary offer professional Area Rug Cleaning on site only services.

Area Rugs come in two main categories, natural fibers and synthetic fibrer. The natural fibers are wool, cotton and silk, and the most common type of area rug is synthetic.

SEEL Cleaners offer

  • Treatment options for stains, soiled carpet or pet urine
  • Disinfectant and Deodorizer treatment
  • Fiber carpet guard protection

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